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OutCast Archive - September 7, 2008

September 7, 2008
Atticus Circle educates and mobilizes fair-minded straight people to advance equal rights for LGBT partners, parents, and their children. To accomplish this goal, Atticus Circle focuses its efforts on education and policy development. We will be joined by Jodie Eldridge, executive director of Atticus Circle, who will talking with us about 7 Straight Nights for Equal Rights a nationwide week of action September 14th-20th.

Also in the studio, Donna Rose, co-chair of the 2008 Out & Equal Workplace Summit which is being held in Austin on September 10-13th. The 2008 Out & Equal Workplace Summit will take place at the Austin Convention Center. As the world's premier conference on LGBT workplace equality, the Summit will once again create opportunities to unite and share the information needed to advance LGBT workplace equality.



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