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OutCast Archive - September 14, 2008

Dorsey Barger and Lew Aldridge were among the core group of Austinites who literally created this city’s response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They each took their knowledge of the city and their passion for life and put their unique twist on fundraising ideas that to this day are pumping much needed funds into the programming resources of Austin’s leading AIDS services provider. Lew, Dorsey, and the dynamic, energetic Mark Erwin were all here to talk about the 16th annual Dining for Life and the 13th annual Octo Tea Dance.

18 years ago, Austin entrepreneur Lew Aldridge took a novel fundraising concept and ran with it. It was called the Octopus Club, an organic, grassroots and uniquely Austin entity which over the years has raised more than one million dollars for AIDS Services of Austin’s Paul Kirby Emergency Assistance Fund. Mark Erwin is another Austin entrepreneur who is currently serving as one of several head octopi, the leaders of this incredible all volunteer group. Mark is heading up the organizational efforts for this year’s 13th Annual Octo Tea Dance, the group’s banner annual fundraiser.

Dorsey Barger is one of the geniuses behind Austin’s fabled Eastside Café. She took her knowledge of the Austin restaurant scene and enlisted a small band of other volunteers to create Dining for Life, an event that taps into the generosity of our city’s restaurateurs and for 16 years has been raising money for AIDS Services of Austin.

Plus, we may have been stood up by Ike, but that didn’t stop OutCast essayist Douglas Plummer from thinking back to another unforgettable hurricane experience...



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MEM said...

What a fine, and really moving show. Everyone was great, but how about that Mark Erwin! It must run in the family. MEM