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OutCast Archive - November 24, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tonight on OutCast:

Marilyn Bradford is an addiction specialist who has developed her own system of integrating traditional addiction approaches to psychotherapy. She founded Right Recovery for You LLC and is in private practice in Austin. For more information about Marilyn and her approach to psychotherapy, you may visit

Next, the first in a new series - Gay Health Minute - which focuses on health concerns, sometimes specific to the LGBT community and sometimes not.

This week we have Kyle Golden and Eric Marshall of WorkIt Personal Training on how to keep from losing ground on your fitness plan...and gaining weight...this holiday season. For more information about WorkIt, you may visit

Roger Temme is the Outreach Coordinator for The Care Communities, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing practical and compassionate support to those living with cancer, HIV/AIDS and other illnesses. The Care Communities are hosting a multi-faith service for World AIDS Day next Tuesday, December 1st at 7pm at Austin Presbyterian Seminary. For more information, you may visit

All this, plus Co-hosts Stephen Rice and Kate Messer.


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