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OutCast Archive - September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tonight on OutCast:

From gospel funk to high energy dance and emo lounge...Hedda Layne has got RANGE...and you know when you hear her get ready to move. Hedda and her musical mastermind husband are with us tonight. And we have a sneak preview of her latest effort, 4-Play.

Also, Austin Cabaret Theatre just can't smile...without you. Stuart Moulton is here to talk about an upcoming tribute to Barry Manilow and other "Guilty Pleasures" on the horizon.

Plus, Matthew Shepard's mom, Judy, will be in town this weekend. I spoke with Judy Shepard recently about the legacy of Matthew and how she is turning the tables on Fred Phelps.

Finally, the hotties of the Austin Flag Football League are here to tell us how YOU can get down and dirty with some local gay jocks...without getting hurt.

Plus, Guest Co-host Lisa Scheps and Stephen Rice at the News Desk.

It's a star-studded episode of OutCast - give us a listen.


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