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OutCast Archive - February 1, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tonight on OutCast: Graydon Parrish

Graydon Parrish was what most of us would consider a child prodigy. At an early age, he dedicated himself to painting. But, not just any kind of painting. Graydon had an eye for the old masters, artists like David, Raphael and DaVinci.

His rare gift wound up being his ticket out of Tyler, Texas, where he was born and raised. Graydon was one of a very few students accepted into the Dallas Arts Magnet High School in his senior year. After that, he studied with a series of classical painting's most influential teachers, including Michael Aviano in New York and Richard Lack in Minneapolis. He picked up a degree from Amherst College along the way, and he currently makes Austin his home.

Graydon's work can be found in various private collections throughout the world, as well as at the Tyler Museum of Art and the New Britain Museum of Art in New Britain, Connecticut.

In 2006, Graydon unveiled his massive memorial to the 9/11 attacks, entitled The Cycle of Terror and Tragedy. The director of the museum in New Britain which commissioned the piece called it, "one of the great masterpieces of American painting in the 21st century."



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