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OutCast Archive - July 6, 2008

July 6, 2008

Lisa Scheps of Transgender Advocates of Central Texas (TACT) brings the transgender perspective to OutCast. If you're an L, G or B (or ally) who has never understood the T' the podcast.



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Chuck Smith said...

Thank you for bringing this issue to the public!

In 2001, the James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Act was passed in Texas. In negotiations between Rep. Senfronia Thompson and Rep. Warren Chisum, "sexual orientation" was replaced with "sexual preference". The Act does not include gender identity or expression.

In 2003, the board of directors of Equality Texas adopted a policy to only support legislation that was inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

In 2007, Equality Texas did not support a proposed bill providing for a Foster Care Bill of Rights because the bill did not include gender identity/expression.

In 2008, after Equality Texas provided testimony to the agency, the Department of Family and Protective Services implemented a Bill of Rights of Children and Youth in Foster Care establishing a right to fair treatment regardless of sexual orienation or gender identity.

Thanks again for a great discussion.

Chuck Smith
Deputy Director, Equality Texas