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Co-Hosts: Kate Messer & Stephen Rice

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Volume 143: 01/25/2011

Out hip-hop artist Shunda K’s talks about the release of her debut solo album "The Most Wanted; the Austin Chronicle’s Stephen MacMillan Moser chats about the catfight brewing over Calvin Klein's 21-year-old former gay porn star boyfriend; Dixie Longate talks about her upcoming one-woman show "Dixie's Tupperware Party" at the Long Center.

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Volume 142: 01/18/2011

Marine Corp Staff Sargent Eric Alva, first solider injured in the opening days of the war in Iraq, talks about that fateful day and his journey from solider, to activist, to standing beside President Obama as he signs the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell; Equality Texas' Deputy Director Chuck Smith stops in for an update on the current legislative session; and Layne Box, Erin Morrill and Bryan Kosarek stop by to talk about the upcoming Merry, Merry Martini Mixer.

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Volume 141: 01/11/2011

Lisa Scheps talks with author Ken Harvey about his new memoir, "A Passionate Engagement" about his transformation into an activist and husband during the fight for marriage equality in Massachusetts; teen activist Augusta Dexheimer talks about how she is using her Bat Mitzvah to help raise money to fight Prop 8 through her Pillow Project; and PFLAG adds a second monthly meeting in South Austin.

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Volume 140: 01/04/2011

Master Entertainer Jade Esteban Estrada drops by the studio to talk about his upcoming show "Gaylicious! A Kinky, Komedy Kabaret" playing at The Vortex; and Stephen Rice and therepubliq's Chase Martin chat about the headlines hitting the newswires, including the USS Enterprise Video Scandal, Scalia and his thoughts on women, gays and the 14th Amendment and more.

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